To become the most common payment platform of Turkey and to carry our knowledge and experience abroad


To ensure that thousands of entrepreneurs start their own business through transparent and ethical collaborations, while meeting the financial needs of households, and being the best solution partner for commercial institutions and organizations.

Values :

At work and in our principles, we are a family that is motivated by what is right and fair.

We devote all our energy to improving people's lives. Our priority is always the development and happiness not only of our employees and customers but of all the people touched by the value we generate.

Our good reputation comes before anything else.

Work from the Heart
No matter what, we put our hearts into what we do for our company, to achieve our goals and to realize projects we firmly believe will add value to people's lives.

We continuously develop and improve our solutions and business models, identifying those that will differentiate us.

We have the flexibility and speed to meet every challenge.

We value long-term, continuous success and respect the environment.